LaVoy Finicum rally at the Capitol

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Supporters of LaVoy Finicum and the Oregon standoff militia members gathered at the Utah State Capitol this afternoon to protest the federal government and honor the memory of Finicum.

With American flags, and signs showing their disapproval of the federal government over 100 supporters of Finicum and militia members gathered on the south steps of the Utah Capitol.

“The threat that we have inside our walls is our own government,” says Ryan Petit a supporter of Finicum, “It’s turned against us, it’s literally made standing for freedom and standing for what is right illegal.  You have to ask permission for everything and that’s not what freedom is.”

Supporters call the removal of Cliven Bundy’s cattle from public lands, which began the resistance, a threat to their freedom.  And ask for an end to the prosecution of the men under arrest.

Standing nearby were a few silent protesters who sat on the steps of the Capitol.  In short, they say the people rallying today are criminals.

“I think they’re trying to justify breaking the law, plainly and simply, these people don’t represent America, they don’t represent Utahns, they don’t represent the LDS Church, they represent a vocal minority who are law breakers plainly and simply, they’re criminals,” says Wade, a protester of the Finicum rally.

Wade says the government is “We The People,” and what these people are doing is destroying public lands for all Americans.  Regardless, supporters of LaVoy Finicum and the Oregon standoff say they aren’t going anywhere until their freedom is secure.

“Know that Finicum was murdered and it was not right and his family suffers and everybody suffers when one person makes a choice for a lot of people,” says Rosella Talbot.

In regards to what comes next after this rally.  Some supporters at the rally say you can expect more protests and even the possibility of more situations like what happened in Oregon.

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