Gladys Knight pulled over by Pleasant Grove Police

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah (ABC4 News) – She may not have been trying to catch a ‘Midnight Train to Georgia,’ but Gladys Knight sure was in a hurry because her vehicle was pulled over for speeding.

Police always have to be prepared in any situation, as they never know what they will encounter.  But, the Pleasant Grove police officer who pulled over a speeding vehicle last night definitely wasn’t prepared for this.

While on patrol the officer pulled over Gladys Knight’s vehicle and began running a background check on her driver, that is when he got out and approached the vehicle.

“The driver got out and approached him and just told him basically that she had Galdys Knight in the car and that they were on their way to some LDS choir event,” said Capt. Mike Richards with Pleasant Grove Police.

To make this chance encounter even more memorable the officer was celebrating his birthday and had his wife along for the ride who had a little request for Gladys.

“They basically said, ‘Oh, we’re fans of Gladys,’ so she went up and introduced them to her and she agreed to take a picture with them,” said Richards.

Richards said Gladys was very kind and professional during the entire meeting.  She hen got out of her car and serenaded the officer by singing to him ‘Happy Birthday.’

The driver was issued a warning for speeding and they were on their way.  In case you were wondering, no Pips were harmed during the event and she eventually made it to the concert.


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