Two Dead After Shooting in South Salt Lake

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4 News) – UPDATE: A second victim in the quadruple shooting Thursday night has died.
A 17-year-old man is dead and three others are in the hospital recovering at following a shootout in South Salt Lake Thursday night.
South Salt Lake Police responded to the scene last night a little after 8:00, after receiving several calls of shots fired in a neighborhood near 300 E, Park Creeke Lane.
A neighbor who didn’t want to be named said it happened right in front of his house.  Though he didn’t hear any gun shots he noticed the gray Ford Explorer parked in the street.
“There was a vehicle in the road with it’s lights on, we thought it was having engine trouble because it was making a noise,” he said.
When he and other neighbors approached the Explorer they found the bodies of three men inside covered in blood, all with gun shot wounds.
“We tried talking to them to get a response but, honestly, we weren’t even sure if they were still alive, it was kinda, they were not coherent,” he adds.
When police arrived they located the body of a 17 year-old man, dead, in the back of the Explorer, the other two were transported to the hospital where they underwent surgery and are listed in critical condition.
“The two occupants that went to the hospital, they are brothers.  Their ages are 19 and 20.  They are Salt Lake City residents, and the 17 year-old is not a blood relation but a very close friend of the family from what I understand,” said Executive Officer Greg Keller with South Salt Lake Police.
A few hours later around 11:40 p.m., a fourth victim arrived at an area hospital with a gun shot wound to the upper left leg.
“There’s information last night that that victim had left the scene in a white car,” said Keller.
Police say he is 19 years-old and has only been in the Salt Lake area for a few months.  Police say his last known address was in Miami, Florida. South Salt Lake police believe after the shooting he stumbled out of the Explorer and collapsed in a front yard a few houses down.  They say that is when a white car showed up to pick him up.  But, they say that wasn’t the car he arrived at the hospital in, as he was dropped off in a silver Mercedes.
Police are now waiting to speak with him and the other two victims to find out what led to the shooting and say all the parties involved are accounted for.
“We really haven’t determined a motive at this time and more evidence we get out of the vehicle and more statements.  Once we get to talk to the number four victim we may be able to gain more information and lead us to a conclusion,” said Keller.
Police recovered two hand guns at the scene, one was found inside the Explorer while the other was found in a yard a few houses down.  Police are now waiting on a search warrant so they can go through the vehicle.

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