Special Valentine’s Day dinner for Utah’s less fortunate


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Tonight, K2 The Church and friends set up a day of pampering and entertainment for many of Utah’s less fortunate, as every woman deserves to feel special and loved on Valentine’s Day.
“It’s really cool because we all get to feel special,” said Leslie a resident of The Road Home.
For these women the day started off getting their hair and make-up done.  After that they were given dresses – all items donated for this special occasion.  These women have been through some difficult circumstances, many victims of abuse and violence, they say it was nice to feel special for a night.
“It’s great, it’s nice, its wonderful,” said Leslie.
The women were escorted down to Tony Caputo’s by gentlemen who volunteered their time to treat these women to a fun night.  Walking arm-and-arm they chatted and shared stories.
“It actually means a lot cause not all of us got loved ones or significant others that would do anything and to see a church or a bunch of people coming together, not just for me but for all the girls, it really means a lot, we’re thankful for it and we feel loved tonight,” said Leslie.
This is the 8th year K2 the Church and friends have held this special Valentine’s Day dinner for the less fortunate.  The women were served a nice Italian dinner and got the chance to mingle with some true gentlemen inside a beautifully decorated restaurant full with Valentine’s decorations including, heart balloons, flowers and roses, and special treats.
“We have some candies in this, a card, some chocolates, this love sign thing I’m gonna take that,” said Karen as she talked about the decoration and presents laid out for them on the dinner table.
But the night wasn’t all about just showing them a fun time, it was about helping them find peace and comfort as many asked for prayers when they sat down to eat as this Cinderella moment would soon come to an end.

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