Broken down RV on I-215 leads to arrest

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A broken down RV on the side of the I-215 leads to the arrest of 40 year-old Demetrius Greene.

Around 2:30 p.m. Saturday an RV broke down on the side of southbound I-215 near 1300 S.  The driver of the RV, Demetruius Greene, then left the vehicle to call for help.

When the tow truck driver and his partner arrived they were met by two other men, the tow truck driver would later tell police the two men seemed uneasy.

“They feel like the males are acting nervous and kinda erratic and it appears like the males don’t necessarily know too much about the RV,” says Sgt. Jalaine Hawkes with the State Bureau of Investigations.

As the tow truck driver attempts to help the men he stepped into the RV to place it in neutral, it was there he discovered something suspicious.

“He sees three, what he reports to be young females that are sitting in the RV he doesn’t describe them very well, it was a very quick glance but his impression was that the young females were scared,” says Sgt. Hawkes.

The tow truck driver and his partner left and called dispatch.  When Utah Highway Patrol troopers arrived on scene they only found one person, Greene, inside the RV.

“He initially tries to speak with him and he is not very talkative and then he brandishes a knife while he’s standing in the doorway of the motor home and then he slams the door of the motor home and says he’s not coming out,” said Hawkes.

UHP then called in their CERT team along with a negotiator to speak with the man, shutting down parts of I-215.  After a few moments Green appeared from the RV and was taken into custody.

With a search warrant UHP went through the RV and found several knives and drugs inside.

“There was some drug use and paraphernalia found inside the vehicle so it does seem like there was some drug usage that occurred,” said Hawkes.

Police are now looking for the two men and three young women that were reportedly with Greene.  UHP is concerned for the women’s safety and want to make sure they are OK.  An interview with Greene last night turned up very little on their..

Greene, a registered sex offender, was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on charges related to possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person.  Troopers say the RV Greene was driving was not registered, he did not have a license and no insurance.


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