Gentleman Robber wanted by multiple agencies

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A new type of robber has hit the streets and multiple police departments want to catch him.
Back on December 28, 2015, a man first robbed a Maverik in Salt Lake City at 710 E, 2700 S around 11:45 pm, and then a week later on January 4, 2016 he struck a Family Dollar Store in Taylorsville at 1649 W, 4200 S at 9:15 pm.  Now, police are taking note of this mans demeanor which has linked him to these crimes.
“He never – his voice never raises, you never hear any anger or aggression in his voice.  It’s just like the two of us are talking right now, ‘hey this is a robbery give me all your money,” describes Lt. Lex Bell with Unified Police.
In a surveillance video released by police the suspect is seen walking into the Maverik in Salt Lake City, he calmly walks up to the counter and calmly says, “I need all the money in the register.”  He doesn’t look rushed, worried, or aggressive and waits for the clerk to give him cash.  Moments later he is seen walking out before saying, “have a nice day.”
Police say it is actions that linked him to both crimes.
“He didn’t threaten anybody, he had the weapon out, they obviously knew he had a firearm, and he displayed it but he was otherwise, he was very in control,” added Bell.
Police say he was dressed in black from head to toe, wearing a bandana over his face and a black hoodie with a white logo on the right side of his shoulder.  Police also say he had a gun.
“It’s got a black handle and a silver slide which is the top of the gun so, it’s silver on black,” says Bell.
Police believe this mans level-headedness during the crimes leads them to believe that this may not be his first time involved with a robbery.
“Normally anybody committing a robbery, their adrenaline is very high, they don’t know how it’s gonna go when they get in there, they don’t know who is going to be in there when they go to do the robbery.  In this case, he calmly walked in just talked to her, didn’t look around and didn’t make a scene, just walked out,” said Bell.
No one at either location was willing to speak with us on camera.  Police say because this man was well disguised the only description they have is that he is about 5′ 6″.
Unified Police is investigating the robberies in conjunction with the Salt Lake City Police Department.  Anybody with information is asked to contact them at (385) 468 – 9814.

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