Utahns wonder why Utah has no lottery


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – As the Powerball climbs to 1.3-billion dollars more Utahns will be heading to neighboring state to buy tickets, leaving many wondering why Utah doesn’t have a lottery.

As fate would have it, Saturday night’s 900-million dollars Powerball jackpot would go without a winner.

“I was kinda bummed,” said Joel Jarrard.

But now, the stakes are even higher.  Which means Powerball fever will continue on, at least for another few more days.  And like a great migration Utahns will be flocking to neighboring states once again, this time for a chance at 1.3-billion dollars.

“I didn’t really expect to win, although that would be really cool,” added Jarrard.

But, many Utahns we spoke to today are left wondering why Utah hasn’t caught on to the craze.

“It’s just due to the fact that it generates so much income for our state.  I don’t know why Utah wouldn’t pick up on that,” said Rob Edwards.

And many see it as a missed opportunity.

“It’s frustrating knowing that, that much money is going elsewhere.  That, that much money was leaving the state, it would almost entice me to have our own lotto,” said Adam Prazer.

And Jarrad also adds, “I’ve read Idaho’s numbers about how much they’ve sent to public education in their state and I believe it’s in the 500-million dollar range or something like that, and certainly our public schools could use that money.”

ABC4 viewers on Facebook also chimed in.  Lynn Harrison said, “make it legal in Utah so we don’t have to put our money into other states.  Let Utah earn some revenue,” and Peggy Harris adds, “Utah should participate in the lotto.  Not doing it doesn’t keep anyone from buying tickets.  Same silly laws apply to alcohol.  People want it, they’re going to get it.”

Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt Utahns will be hitting the road.  Crowding into neighboring gas stations and convenience stores for a shot at becoming a billionaire.


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