click here Mail Icon Mail Icon Mail Icon Utahns rush to neighboring states for a chance at 900-million dollar Powerball

UPDATE: According to ABC News, no one won the Powerball Jackpot.  If reports are true, the jackpot would climb to 1.3 billion dollars and the next drawing would be next Wednesday.

UPDATE: The winning Powerball numbers are 32, 16, 19, 57, 34, and the Powerball number is 13.

EVANSTON, Wyoming (ABC4 News) – Hundreds of Utahns rushed to Evanston, Wyoming, and other neighboring states to take a shot at a 900-million dollar Powerball.

Tonight, the Powerball numbers will be drawn and someone, somewhere out there will be taking home the 900-million dollar jackpot.  With so much on the line, hundreds of people flocked out of the state to spend their hard earned money for a shot at the largest Powerball in history.

“Most of the people are from Utah, I have had some people from Colorado.  I’ve seen some people from Canada,” said Herb Weston.

Lines stretching outside of gas stations in Evanston.  At one Chevron the customers had to wait over an hour to buy their tickets.

Several people already talking about what they would do if they won.

“My wife and I would start a foundation and determine who we would give some money to from that,” said Tom Horn.

While others had plans to spend it on life long dreams with their families.

“I’m gonna help my son out because he loves the beaches in California so, we’re gonna move to California,” said Frederick Long.

And then there were others with out-of-the-ordinary wishes for that 900-million dollars.

“I’m gonna bring back the Sonics,” said Richard Almy.

Employees of the Chevron say they have never seen such a rush of people into the store.

“The last two days have been crazy, and today is even crazier, and that’s fun,” said Herb Weston.

Tonight, at nine the numbers will be drawn and someone’s life will forever be changed.  Will that person be you?



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