Police body cam captures arson arrest


WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC4 News) – West Jordan Police dash cam video shows the moment officers arrested 36 year-old Brandon Morgan after setting his family’s house on fire on New Year’s Eve.
In the video you can see officers kicking the door in and walking through the house to find Morgan standing in the living room.  Shirtless with a machete in his left hand and a torch in the right he stands still as officers aim their tasers at him.  With the curtains on fire, one officer fires off his taser, striking Morgan who then falls to the ground.
Officers move in and remove the machete from Morgan’s hand.  One attempts to arrest Morgan who is resisting.  The other calls for help on his radio and attempts to knock over the flames.  As Morgan is handcuffed you can see blood on his wrists and hands.
He is then dragged outside and handcuffed.
West Jordan Police say the incident happened Thursday evening.  Police received a 911 call from family who said Morgan was hurting himself and threatening them with a weapon.  When police arrived on scene they found the family standing outside.  With Morgan still inside, police moved in.
“Always thought they were really nice people, really easy people to be around, their kids were really sweethearts, it is a bit of a shock as it would be for anybody this time,” said neighbor Lynn Murdock.
Lynn received a call from his daughter around 6 p.m. last night telling him about the fire at his neighbors house.  Murdock who has lived in the neighborhood for 28 years says he knows the family well, who have lived in the neighborhood for about 8 years.
He says his grandchildren would always play with the two children who lived in the home and that they were a nice family.
“This is a good family.  I just don’t really know much about their personal situation.  I’m really surprised to be honest with you,  I would have never expected it,” he said.
As the flames tore through the house West Jordan Fire and other departments responded to fight this 2-alarm blaze.  Murdock says he saw flames coming from the back and through all the windows.  Fire crews had to rip the garage door off to get to the flames.
“We could see all the flames coming out the back and then we come around here and park on the side, and all we could do is sit here and watch, and there was three or four trucks,” he said.
Morgan was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries.  He is currently charged with arson, aggravated assault, and assault of police officers.  Police say there is a possibility more charges could be filed as well.
Though no family members were injured in the fire several of the family’s pets were killed in the blaze.
Several neighbors in the community have also begun to donate items to help the family get through this tough time.

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