Thousands resign from the LDS Church due to same-sex policy

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – over 2,500 people crowded into City Creek Park to take part in a mass resignation following the policy by the Mormon Church targeting same-sex couples and their children.
Over 1,500 resignations were filed today, with another 2,000 requests processed by attorneys from individuals who weren’t able to attend.  Lawyers were on hand to help the hundreds of people waiting in line to get their resignation forms filled out.
The organizers of the mass resignation never imagined the amount of support and people who would be filing into City Creek Park this afternoon.  They were also overwhelmed with the outpouring of support from people all over the country.
“We’ve actually had participation nationally in our event,” said organizer Lauren Elise McNamara, ” on our online event people have RSVP’d internationally and have been posting pictures of when they been taking theirs to the mailbox all week.”
This afternoon stood up to share their stories.  Many discussing their struggle the new policy has already placed on their lives.  Many coming from mixed families and calling the policies the last string for them.
“After all the years of different policy changes and people excluding people for not believing the same things, I’ve just never had a strong balance.  I don’t want my records anymore,” said Misty McGinnis.
Organizers say the Church made a decision that resonated loudly and that the peoples stance here today show just how much many aren’t OK with it.  This even after the Church has come out, not once but twice to clarify its policy.
“The new announcements, the clarifications are just back peddling.  It’s not fixing what is otherwise a huge problem that is ongoing and decades old,” added McNamara.
People out here say the Church has targeted groups for years and say they aren’t going to stand by any longer.  That’s why so many, as hard as it may be felt it was the right decision to walk away from the religion.
“It’s not easy, but on the same token I have to stand up for humanity and stand up for the right thing, and to me supporting these people here and their effort to understand those of us who are in mixed families.  All families matter, all lives matter,” said Aaron Rosen.
Yesterday afternoon the Church released the following statement regarding the resignation:
“We don’t want to see anyone leave the Church, especially people who have been struggling with any aspect of their life. The Church exists to build people and help them heal, and there isn’t one of us who doesn’t need help at some point in our lives. We hope that Friday’s guidance from Church leaders and the additional commentary will help provide understanding and context to some who may be considering resigning their membership. It’s extremely important that our members read what leaders have said, and do not rely on other sources or interpretations or what people think they have said.”

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