SLC reminding residents to clear their sidewalks

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – It’s been 24 hours since our last storm and Salt Lake City is reminding residence to make sure their sidewalks are shoveled or they could be paying up.
Driving around Salt Lake City there were a few areas where the snow was beginning to white out the concrete, but for the most part Salt Lake City residents are doing a good job of keeping those walkways clear.
Still the city has been receiving calls about neighbors not shoveling those sidewalks.  For most of Tuesday and Wednesday the city had complaints filed about snow.
“I think a lot of people don’t realize that they get 24 hours after the end of a storm to get their sidewalks clear so, they’re being very proactive,” says Orion Goff, Director of Building Services and Civil Enforcement.
The city says it’s more about awareness and reminding people that it must get done.
“You could incur a 50 dollar fine, but most always, generally, you’ll get a warning to a door hanger to warn you that it needs to be done,” says Goff.
That 50 dollars can quickly add up.  The fees go up 25 dollars every 24 hours that the snow isn’t removed.  The city has received about 20 calls about people not shoveling their sidewalks, particularly on hilly areas but also for homes along streets who get covered in snow by the plows.
The city will follow up on any complaints made, but they encourage residents to utilize their mobile app, SLC Mobile.
“It geo-codes the picture of the violation, snow is one of the violations that is included.  Once that is included to the app it creates a case and an enforcement officer will be sent out,” added Goff.
Residents have 24 hours after a snow storm to get their sidewalks clear.  The city asks residents to wait the 24 hours before filing a complaint.

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