No water for Park City residents following water line break on Park Avenue

PARK CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A water line break on Park Avenue in Park City leaves close to 50 businesses and homes without water for part of Sunday evening.
For close to an hour water was shut off to several of the homes and businesses along Park Avenue after police received calls of a tiny leak around three Sunday afternoon that quickly turned into a bigger problem.
“By about four or so we had the water department here who was trying to shut it down and it increased dramatically to the point where a lot of water was expelled down Park Avenue,” says Sgt. Jay Randall with the Park City Police Department.
Though it affected travel in the area, structurally, only one home had minor damage to its basement, and no one was home at the time.
“The water department did an excellent job and was able to re-route water to every structure except for the one right here behind me that was most affected,” said Randall.
Now crews have a long night ahead of them.  With heavy equipment moving onto the scene around 7:00 p.m. this area is where four valves meet, and crews will be digging a large section to figure out where the problem is.  Crews also worry about a possible gas line underneath. All this while braving freezing cold temperatures.
“Just standing out here you can feel how cold it is,” says Randall, “But, these guys are gonna have to use heavy equipment and dig in frozen ground and deal with water, pretty much for most of the night,” he said.
Park Avenue between Heber and 7th St. will remain closed while crews work diligently through the night.  The water line break did not affect any businesses on Main Street however, the High West Restaurant and Bar had to close down for a short time due to the water shortage.
Crews estimate it will take them until morning to full restore water to the area, but, until they can get underneath the asphalt and assess the situation an exact time for all the work to be completed is unknown.

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