Last minute shoppers find Christmas Eve deals

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Holiday shoppers out treating themselves or getting those last minute gifts found countless pre-Christmas day sales.

It was a pretty smooth day out at City Creek Mall today.  Nothing like the crowded masses that huddled around state liquor stores.  Utahns scurrying to buy their liquor before the stores closed down for the holiday, but still a pretty good crowd out shopping and picking up last minute items.

Many shoppers were definitely taking advantage of those Christmas Eve deals.  Those we spoke to today surprisingly said they were mostly there getting items for themselves, treating themselves to an early Christmas gift.

“I live in upstate New York and so I don’t have a lot of the stores that we have here out there, and so, it’s a good opportunity to go to these stores and also not have to do online shopping,” says Alex Currit.

It wasn’t because they’re selfish, on the contrary, those we spoke to had already finished their holiday shopping.  Those gifts are all wrapped up and ready to be opened into Christmas morning.

But yes, we did see those who waited until the last minute.  Scurrying through City Creek Mall trying to find that perfect gift.

“I got up at 8 and we’ve been here since then,” says Valerie Ashley.

“And why wait till the last minute,” I asked.

“Because we didn’t have time, I’ve been really bust and hopefully there’s some sales.”

And in fact there were.  And most of the presents she bought were on sale.  Many stores were flashing 30, 40, 50, and even 60% off Items.  One shopper told us ‘Cotton On,’ had everything in the store for under $30.

As City Creek Mall began shutting it’s doors, there was still quite the crowd inside trying to capitalize on those deals and wrap up their holiday shopping.


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