Icy conditions making holiday travel bad for drivers


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – It’s the coldest night of the year and Utah Highway Patrol is reminding drivers to be diligent as ice begins to move onto our roads.
“Slow down, give yourself a little extra break room, you never know when you’ll hit that black ice, and be diligent,” says Trooper Cody Roberts.
Good words of advice from Utah Highway Patrol.  Tonight Utahns will really be feeling it.  The coldest night of the year will make it more tough for drivers as icy conditions plague our roads.  Tonight we’re seeing patches of ice all through out the Salt Lake Valley.
“Anytime it gets below freezing point you have to watch out.  The sun did come out so, with that additional melting be on the look out with black ice,” says Trooper Roberts.
 Already UHP has seen a few slides offs on the road, though nothing serious, they’re asking drivers to be diligent as most of these accidents have involved speeding.
“As the weather heats up during the day some of the snow that we had starts melting so we’re encouraging drivers to slow down give themselves extra time and be aware of black ice and icy conditions it’s gonna start appearing more in patches now,” says Trooper Roberts.
Though UDOT has done a good job of salting the roads, these ice patches continue to pop up, which is why UHP is reminding people to drive for the conditions, so that everyone gets home safely.
“Slow down give yourself extra time, everyone wants to get home safe especially this time of the year.”

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