Fatal hit & run accident kills motorcyclist in Taylorsville


TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) –  Unified Police have confirmed a motorcyclist has been killed in a fatal hit & run accident in Taylorsville and now police are looking for the person responsible.

19 year-old Edgar Frayre-Rodriguez had just gotten into motorcycle riding.

“He recently picked up that new bike so, I mean he was really excited about that bike, he’s been talking about that bike for awhile,” said 18 year-old Bryan Damian, a friend of Edgar’s.

A picture on his Facebook page shows Edgar posing with his new bike, the caption reading, “FINALLY! -feeling proud.”

No more than 24 hours after getting the bike he had always wanted, a tragic car accident would end his life.

“It’s hard when someone you know has passed away like that,” said Damian.

Edgar was leaving the Chevron near 4000 W., 4700 S. around 2:40 this afternoon with two other riders.  He was the last of the group to leave the gas station when he was hit.

Police say he was heading southbound and according to witnesses, they told investigators he seemed to be struggling to get his bike in control as he was turning.

“It was wobbly according to witnesses, it came out of the parking lot to go south bound.  It went wide into the north bound lane right to the edge of the north bound lane.  So, almost into oncoming traffic if not oncoming traffic, and was hit by a jeep that was northbound,” said Lt. Lex Bell with Unified Police.

Though he was wearing a helmet, Edgar died on scene.  Police say the driver of the jeep then took off.  The Jeep was found at another Chevron near 5400 S. and Bangerter Highway, the driver no where in sight.

“If they are able to run that vehicle and start investigating that we will know shortly.  I don’t know if there were more occupants in the car.  I just know that the male occupant was described as a Hispanic male in his 20’s,” says Lt. Bell.

The area near the scene was closed for hours in both directions and police asked drivers to use alternate routes to get around.  Police set up a large containment area around the accident to make sure they wouldn’t miss any evidence as they didn’t know in which direction the vehicle headed.

Family of Edgar arrived on scene, in shock and looking for answers.

“Pretty much, there’s not a lot we can do at this point, you know?  But, my prayers go out to him and his family.  His sister, I saw his sister over there panicking so, that kinda gets to me,” said Damian.

Police will be going through the vehicle tomorrow once a search warrant is handed down.  Unified Police say from what they could see it appeared the vehicle had several personal items inside.  Investigators say they have an idea of who the person responsible is but, when they went to the home they weren’t there.  Police ask anyone with information to come forward as they are anxious to speak with this person and figure out why they fled the scene.


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