Four Story Industrial Complex Fire in Murray


UPDATE: The remainder of the building will be taken down by demolitions crews. Murray fire is there now with the crew assessing the physics of the collapse. The demolition is supposed to take place around 5PM. ABC4’s Aldo Vazquez will be there LIVE at 5:00 PM on KTVX.  ALSO: TRAX services will continue to be diverted from this area until after the demolition is complete.  The Green line is not affected.  It was the Blue and Red Lines that were affected in both directions.  A bus bridge will transport passengers from Millcreek, Meadowbrook, Murray Central and Murray North Central until further notice.  TRAX will also be servicing the Utah Jazz game tonight but, they ask fans to consider other modes of transportation.

MURRAY, UT (ABC4 News) – A four story industrial complex on fire in the vicinity of 4800 South and Commerce Drive in Murray.

The fire was called in at around 9:20 AM Saturday. TRAX service was shut down in both directions between 3300 South and Murray Central in reaction to the fire.

The building coming down now in Murray was not in use, but residence say it was iconic with historical significance for the area and personal associations for its people for multiple generations: They are sad to see it come down this way.

Pat Killion, Deputy Fire Marshal for the Murray City Fire Department, says that this building has a long history of vandalism and squatters.  The building is surrounded by a high fence, but this is easily defeated. They don’t yet know the cause of the fire, but he tells us that it has been a long time coming. There are firefighters on the force for thirty years who knew about the building as a potential incident since the beginnings of their careers.

The building, first built in 1909, at a time when fire codes didn’t exist, has been vacant for quite some time. It was used by a company that is now in operation in Tooele making sustainable fish food. Killion says they are largely why there is good fishing in Utah.

The building burned quickly, as the main support structures are constructed out of heavy timber and the building was not one that is totally enclosed: lots of open air that allowed the fire to breath created hotter burning condition. A significant layer of dust contributed to the speed at which this fire spread, as well.

When fire crews first arrived they immediately dumped over 750 gallons onto the fire form their trucks hoping that this would quell the blaze, but the fire was already too advanced. This is an excellent technique, says Killion, but when those heavy timber temperatures reach a certain point there’s not much that can be done. It is likely that he entire building will come down as a result of this fire. Already the south wall  has started to collapse and the floors are caving in. Water pressure has taken down a lot of the brick face.

Murray Police and Fire are asking for your help. Anyone with information about this large fire at the fish factory is asked to please contact Murray Police by calling the TIP LINE: 801-840-4000.


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