Burglars enter woman’s home three times in three days

VIDEO: http://www.good4utah.com/news/local-news/burglars-enter-womans-home-three-times-in-three-days

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A Salt Lake City woman had just bought a new home and was just moving in when it was robbed not once but twice.  On the third attempt the suspects returned while she was home in broad daylight.
“They just went through everything,” said Bridget Cassun.
She had just purchased a home in downtown Salt Lake City when the robberies began.  Bridget and family were moving several boxes of items into the new home Saturday night, by the time they had finished it was 10 p.m. and left for the night.  The next day she returned and discovered things weren’t the way she had left them.
“There was a lot of stuff out on the porch and I was like, ‘well, that’s weird,’ and when I got up there I noticed, ‘Oh, it’s the stuff we moved last night,’ and so I touched the door and it just came open, so we immediately called 911,” she said.
Police came out and used canine dogs to gather evidence.
Bridget later found that the people who had broken into her home had plenty of time to sift through her things.  She says every box was opened.  They suspects had eaten some of her food and left wrappers around, pistachio shells were all over the place, even though she didn’t have any herself in the home, and that the suspects had packed up several items into bags and boxes.  But, they also left several every day items behind that didn’t belong to Bridget.
“The had a backpack full all full of clothes and a paper bag full of clothes.  A laundry basket that had a bunch of shoes and towels on top.  There was an empty wallet,” she said.
But it didn’t end there, later that night the suspects returned while she was gone and again took more stuff and left more things behind.  Police were again called out to investigate this second robbery.
“When we came back the gate was open to the back and to they alley was way open.  And then I walked around and my back door was wide open, so I called 911 again and they came out,” said Bridget.
The next day, an ADT technician came by the home to install a new security system.  Around 8:30 the ADT man called out to Bridget telling her someone was there to see her.
“I walk and see this man and woman standing in the front room and he says he’s from the city and was expecting the house to be empty and  that the previous occupants were in federal prison, and that they were here to collect everything.”
She says the man even went as far as to question her.  She questioned him and asked to see an ID.  That is when the man went outside and began taking photos of the home.  As the man was taking photos, the ADT technician was quick to pull out his phone and take a few photos of the man and the truck he was driving.
“They were wearing orange vests and I fell like they were just doing that to blend in…they seemed like they knew what they were doing, they slowly turned around and as they were going down the alley, they took off their vests and ran off,” said Cassun.
Bridget says she tried to trail them as she was on the phone with police and managed to get a partial license plate number.  Police are now searing for the suspects driving a white Chevy pick up truck with partial license plate number X20.
Detective Cody Lougy with the Salt Lake City Police Department says they believe these suspects may have been in the area for quite some time.
“This is broad daylight, so these individuals try to look legitimate. They look at the surroundings and check to see if you’re home.”
Lougy says police have received several tips on this person and say they may even have a name.  Police also gathered several pieces of evidence at the home including DNA and fingerprints which could take up to 8 weeks to get analyzed.
But, he says this is an opportunity for people to remember to always remain on alert and to report any suspicious or abnormal behavior in their neighborhoods to the police.
Salt Lake City police have also launched a Nextdoor Program, a virtual neighborhood watch.  it’s a way to connect with neighbors about crime and suspicious activity.  The program localizes information to your area and law enforcement can join in to get information about crime and other activity in their own neighborhoods.
For more information on that program click here.

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