Walmart shooting victim speaks out for the first time

WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Last Wednesday an altercation at a Walmart would send one man to the hospital with gun shot wounds and the other to jail.
Jose Haro, is the main bread winner of his family and says he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  He was taking Bangerter Highway home but decided to take a detour and make a stop at the Walmart at 3180 S, 5600 W Wednesday evening to pick up something for his little boy.  Moments later he would be on his way to the hospital with gun shot wounds.
“So, when I just got done paying for the stuff I just got done at Walmart and this guy comes up. I’ve never seen in my life.  He says ‘what’s up,’ and I say ‘what’s up,’ so we’re leaving and next thing I know we’re outside.  Some other stuff was said, multiple times I try to avoid it.  Next thing I know I’m by my car and this stuff happens,” says Jose.
28-year-old Jose says he is still shocked that something like that happened to him.
“I just waited for the paramedics to come get me.  They took my shoes, I seen the holes in both my feet, and I mean, right there and then I’m already panicking just because I’m thinking, ‘Holy, crap! Am I gonna walk again?  Am I gonna get my feet amputated?’ So I have all these crazy things, I’m already stressed out,” he says.
A husband and father of 4, Jose got emotional as he spoke about his family and not being able to provide for them.  But, he’s also hurting because his dreams have now been put on hold.
A professional boxer, Jose picked up his first pair of gloves at the age of 12.  Having represented the USA in the Jr. Olympics and fighting fighters from all over the world, his professional career holds at 11 wins, with 1 defeat, 1 draw and 6 knock outs.  His career was on the rise.
“I’m actually rated fourth in the nation out of 122 fighters.  I actually had a fight on November, 20, in California.”
“I’m just trying to stay positive.  I know I have the talent to make it up there.  I was already on my way up there.  I was rated 4th in the nation.  I was getting there.  It was my career was kicking off, and then this had to happen,” he says.
He says he just remembers feeling pain and running in between the cars.  The man responsible 31-year-old Cole Shields had shot him in both feet.  He says he remembers laying there and just thinking about his family.
“I can’t go out like this,” Jose said, as he began to tear up.  “I want to see my kids grow.  Thinking about my wife.”
Surveillance video captured Shields and a female companion, 24 year-old Cassandra Burningham, flee the scene in a silver four-door vehicle with right front quarter panel damage and a spoiler in the back.  On Monday, Shields would turn himself into police and was booked on multiple felony charges.
But for Haro, who relies so much on his quick feet inside the ring, the road to recovery is still a long one.  He still has one more surgery where doctors will take bone from his left knee and place it in his left foot.  In total, he will have 16 weeks of recovery and physical therapy.  But, for someone as active and dedicated to his work, he struggles to imagine not being able to provide for his family during his recovery.
“I’m upset that this happened to me.  My career was just…, you know? And then it’s like, I’m the one that pays the bills for this family,” Jose says.
But, Jose is staying positive.  He sees this as an opportunity to spend more time with his family.  And is just so grateful for the people who have been supporting him through this difficult time.
“Just to see the good in people.  It’s amazing.  It truly is, I’m very grateful,” he says with tears in his eyes and a smile on his face.
There is a GoFundMe account set up to help Jose pay for medical bills and for other needs.
“I’m gonna get through this.  I’m gonna get through this, it’s gonna happen,” he says.  For now he smiles as he says he’ll continue to work on his skills from his wheelchair.
“I’ve been shadow boxing in my wheelchair when I get bored.  I just can’t wait to talk to the doctor and se what he tells me,” says Jose.

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