New state-of-the-art theatre coming to Sandy

SANDY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A project in the works for three years makes a big move today. The Hale Center Theatre has outgrown its home in West Valley City so, it’s packing up and moving to Sandy.

Not much to see this afternoon on an empty lot sitting across the street from Sandy City Hall. But, within a fews the city will be breaking ground on a new state-of-the-art theatre that will house the Hale Center Theatre.

“We’re just absolutely excited to have this partnership come together and come January 2017, we will be open with our first production,” saidHale Center Theatre President and CEO Mark Dietlein.

The 42-million dollar project will bring world-class production to the area. The city has marketed this bond to finance the project which The Hale Center Theatre will pay back to the city over a 27 year period.

“The city will own the building…Hale will pay a 2.6-million dollar of payments each year to pay it off,” said Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan.

The project will be the first of a series of projects slated to take place within the next couple of months.

“This new theatre will provide two performing space under the same roof, a theatre in the round with about 900 seats and a proscenium thrust theatre which will seat about 450. We will have the latest and greatest state technology to enhance our story telling as wee provide productions,” said Dietlein.

All part of Sandy’s plan to revitalize their city and prepare it for the future looking forward to the next 20 years.

Sandy City developed a master plan allocating 1,100 acres from 90 S to 114 S and from the freeway to the light rail lines which Mayor Dolan says, “3 acres of which will go to Hale, they’re right off the freeway, 250-thousand cars go by here, there’s convenient parking, there will be an office building with a parking structure so people can park in the structure and walk into the theatre.”

The city plans to build other restaurants and buildings on the property giving rise to The Cairns that they hope will bring more patrons and give the city an economic boost.

“Last year they performed in front of 200,000 people, our estimates are within four o five years, 400,000 approaching 450,000 people because there will be two theatre’s here,” said Dolan.

While the move will benefit Sandy West Valley City is left with a building that will be vacant since the theatre group first occupied the facility back in 1998. But, West Valley City Manager Wayne Pyle is not concerned with the move.

He says the theatre has impacted the city in two main ways over the last 20 years, “first is the economic development to the area, it brought traffic, patrons, customers, all that sort of thing, but as an institution its brought us the opportunity to present an artist venue to the residents of West Valley City.”

He says the groups movement provides the city with an opportunity to look at the building from an artistic presentation. The city is already exploring alternatives including other groups and theatre productions, or uses that would be complimentary or expanding on those options.

West Valley however, is looking towards the future and believe the area will continue to thrive even long after the final curtain drops on the Hale Theatre when their lease ends at the end of 2016.

“Between the Maverik Center, between the new occupant of the new movie theatre which has brought 1,200 current jobs, and is expanding to 3,000 jobs over time we’re gonna have plenty of traffic through there so we’re not worried about that,” added Pyle.


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