Minor tweaks lead to a 25% improved efficiency at DMV


WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Utah resident’s can now obtain a driver’s license in a matter of minutes and it’s all thanks to an improved system at the Utah Driver License Division.
Two years ago, Governor Herbert issued a challenge to government agencies to improve their efficiency by 25%.
“Government is a monopoly.  So there’s not pressure from a competitive market force to do better.  So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to say, let’s find ways to ourselves 25% more efficient by January 1st of 2017,” said Herbert.
With some minor tweaks and alterations the department has been able to achieve that goal, several months ahead of the deadline, and customers are taking notice.
“It was actually really efficient.  I didn’t have to wait at all.  I sat down and they called my number within 30 seconds.  So, it was the shortest I’ve ever waited in any DMV office,” said Kelly Rogers.
And Tyler Rose, reiterated that sentiment.  A teenager, he walked in to get his new driver’s license and says his visit was a very smooth one.
“The people are really nice, they’re great people, they’re really smooth and efficient and I like the way their set up is,” he says.
Just minor tweaks to the department have gone a long way in helping the department meet the goal. By creating an organized, open space, and adjusting the line they’ve been able to cut down wait times from 28 minutes to just 4 minutes.  Set up like a hospital, their new “triage center,” allows people to get in and out as quickly as possible.  What use to take 2-3 weeks to process, medical forms now will take only about 24 hours.
The triage center is set up to place people into categories.
“So, when a customer comes in now, the photo is taken, we also get the signature of the customer that comes in and then we find out what the service they’re here for.  And then we can put them in categories, so if you’re here for a really quick service we’re gonna put you into one category where you can come in, get your service and get out the door really quickly versus someone who may have a suspended license and they’ve got to renew their license it’s gonna take them a little bit longer. So, the triage area was a huge benefit to the customers,”  said one of the Drivers License Divisions employees.
The governor says these improvements to all agencies will save taxpayers money in the long run.  By improving the efficiency in all aspects it will reduce the need to hire more employees and therefore save Utahns more money.
With 14 more months to go, about two-thirds of agencies have already met the goal set forth by the governor.  The remaining one-third are set to achieve it by the date.

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