Jane Goodall shares words of wisdom at the Parliament of the World’s Religions


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Jane Goodall, a woman known worldwide for studying and living with primates, came to Salt Lake City to attend the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

On Saturday, Goodall held a private session with local media to share her opinions of several topics.
“Let’s face it, a lot of problems in the world have to deal with conflict with different people of different nations and cultures but, an awful lot has to do with religion as well,” she says.
To address those problems, the world famous primatologist brought her insightful messages to the Salt Palace for the convention.  Today she shared her views on topics like the environment, war, politics, and human nature.
“People get, they get into a grove of their own particular culture, religion, dogma – dogma is so dangerous.”
She says when people get stuck in that grove they behave in ways outside of their own convictions in order to remain loyal to a particular group.  She quotes an example of a politician voting against his own heart to remain loyal to his own party.
But in the world of turmoil and conflict she finds so much hope in the human spirit, human intellect, in the resiliency of nature, the younger generation, and the power of social media.
“When there’s some pressing issue, now using social media, it can go viral and really, young people have never had such an opportunity of making their voices heard,” Goodall says.
She says this power is so great that the younger generation needs to utilize it to see the change we hope to see in the world.  She says, in an instant an event can go viral and issues can be resolved on a much greater scale.
To the younger generation, she has this message:
“The most important thing is to stop thinking as we’re told.  To think globally and locally.  But if you think globally you lose hope because everything is such a mess.”
She adds that humans can learn a lot from primates in that we’re so much alike except in one big way.
“I think that what we learn from chimpanzees is how we’re different.  So, we’re the same in so many ways we’re the same in so much of our behavior but we’ve got this highly developed intellect so that we can actually make a choice.
Goodall says it’s our choices that will help us overcome the barriers towards unity.
“When we all get together and consolidate and cooperate, instead of fighting, then we’re gonna save the world.”

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