Investigation into Elizabeth Salgado’s disappearance beginning to run cold

PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 News) –  It is now six months since Elizabeth Salgado disappeared and there are still no encouraging leads in her case.  The 26-year-old woman went missing after leaving the Nomen Global School in Provo.
Since her disappearance, countless search efforts, massive amounts of media coverage and hundreds of leads there is still no sign of Elizabeth Salgado.  Now, the investigation is beginning to run on very little steam.
“We are trying to talk to an investigator to see if there’s anything else that they can actually do.  So, they can help us find my niece because it’s like everyday that goes by we feel disappointed, but we still have the hope and the faith that we can find her,” said Elizabeth’s uncle Rosemberg Salgado.
Salgado says since her disappearance they’ve been flooded with scammers trying to take advantage of the situation.  He says the last person to have contact with Elizabeth was his brother Rudemberg, who was texting with Elizabeth the day she disappeared.  Rudemberg had plans to pick up Elizabeth and take her grocery shopping but she went missing before he could pick her up.
Today Rosemberg recalls his final conversation with Elizabeth.
“This guy from school was walking her to her apartment and he got really upset at her because she didn’t want to be his boyfriend.  And that was the only conversation that I remember,” he says.
Salgado dismisses the idea that Elizabeth wandered off on her own saying she is a very responsible woman who always told her family what was happening in her life.
“She’s very responsible,” he says.  “We’re talking about somebody that is very responsible, she wouldn’t just run away, there is no way.”
Currently, Provo police say they have seen a significant drop in calls regarding Elizabeth.  They say there is still some suspicion surrounding her uncles, Rosemberg and Rudemberg, and that the two are currently not invited to the weekly meetings.
Anyone with information on Elizabeth’s disappearance is asked to contact Provo police.



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