Bystander, and officer shot during exchange of gunfire in Midvale

MIDVALE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) –  A Unified Police Officer located a stolen vehicle in front of the “Mouse Pad”, an internet café in a business complex on the northwest corner of 7200 S. State St. At some point the male suspect fled on foot westbound through a field and a business parking lot. A second UPD officer had pulled in to head off the suspect at the Rocket Express Carwash at 150 W. 7200 S. The suspect immediately fired multiple rounds at the UPD officer while he was still in his vehicle. Rounds impacted the UPD vehicle through the driver’s headrest, windshield, laptop, and side windows. The officer was also struck in the center of the chest, hitting his bulletproof vest, which stopped the round and saved his life.

During this time, a male tried to run into the car wash but was unable to get inside the building. The officer who had just been shot observed this individual and fired two rounds at him, striking him twice. Our officers immediately rendered life-saving medical aid to this individual, applying a tourniquet to his leg.

Other officers observed the suspect jumping over a fence northbound into an apartment complex. An immediate containment was established and officers from multiple agencies responded to assist. Officers observed the suspect continuing to flee through the neighborhood, over fences and through yards. Containment officers eventually located Jeremy Bowden running through the Brighton Place Apartments. Bowden aggressively fought officers, but was eventually taken into custody.

At this point in the investigation, SLCPD believes that the individual shot at the scene does not appear to be involved.

Salt Lake City Police Department was contacted to lead the investigation based on the standing protocol that outside agencies handle officer-involved shootings. This investigation is ongoing, with SLCPD and the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office both involved.

UPD expresses their deepest sympathies to the family of the injured individual. We have stayed in direct contact with them and understand that his condition is improving.

UPD has identified the officer who was shot as Officer Cory Tsouras, a three-year veteran of the Unified Police Department currently assigned to the Midvale Precinct.


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