82-year-old grandma bags big bull elk


GRANTSVILLE, Utah (ABC 4 News) – 82 year-old Margaret Lunt has grown up loving the hunt.  It was always a great way to spend quality time with her family, but it wasn’t until she turned 55 that she picked one up and joined in.  Just last week, at 82 years-old she bagged herself an 800 lb. big bull elk.

“I love to be in the mountains, I love to be there.  I love to be there with my son and my husband,” she says.

At a young age, Margaret would tag along with her father on his deer hunts.  When she married, she would go on the hunt with her husband and her son.

She says it’s a joy spending that special time with her family.  On Monday, she and her son set off on another one of their trips, little did they know what she would catch in the coming days.

But first she had to get in some target practice.

“It was awesome, I hit the bulls eye right off!” she said.

She says when she arrived there she was a little nervous, shooting with all the “young people,” around.  But, she says they were nothing but supportive.  Cheering her on and encouraging her as she took aim.

Her, her son, and a guide set off on their hunt, hiking a few miles trying to locate some elk, but they had no luck on that day.

“We hunted until dark, oh, we saw so many elk and heard the bugling but nothing was close enough to shoot at so, we just enjoyed that part of the hunt,” Margaret said.

The next morning they were at it again.  This time they hiked another 4 miles when she came across an 800 lb. big bull elk, and took him down.

“I just snuck in on him, and by…I don’t know between 5:30 and 6pm.  He was down.  That was Tuesday evening.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the expression on her face that day was priceless, as she showed us pictures from the hunt.

“I was really excited, I couldn’t believe it, I just could not.  I could not believe it,” she smiled.

Lunt has always found hunting as a way to bond with her family.  She says they never go out to just shoot the animal but rather to hunt for the meat.  With this catch, the family will have plenty of meat for a couple of years.

Lunt says her favorite part of hunting is being outdoors, and taking in the beautiful sights that Utah has to offer.

“You get when the sun comes up and there’s frost all over the grass, and the trees, and the bushes, everything just sparkles like a diamond,” she says.

Lunt says because you have to wait five years after a bull hunt, she’s not sure if she’ll be up for another one then.  But, she says she will definitely be applying for a cow permit (female elk permit) next year.


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