A bump in the road for Utah’s roadways; new report shows poor road conditions


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Utah’s roads aren’t looking to good. That is according to a national transportation organization, “TRIP” which compiled data and found roads in Utah are costing citizens hundreds of dollars in maintenance to their vehicles.

The report took into consideration several factors, including transportation funding, travel trends, and pavement conditions.

According to the report, more than a quarter of the nations roadways, highways, and streets are in bad shape. The Provo-Orem area ranked 22nd worst among the nation in medium sized urban areas. The poor road conditions, according to the Utah Transportation Coalition effects everyone in a big way.

“It keeps the economy moving, the transportation system, it keeps goods and services moving, it keeps you as a commuter out of congestion and potholes,” said Abby Albrecht.

The report shows conditions on the road can add up big it. Potholes and other road bumps can lead to excessive tire wear, increased fuel consumption, and extra maintenance on your vehicle.

The cost for repairs can be pretty significant. According to Anderson Tire and Auto, they see a lot of alignment problems with vehicles and recommend commuters to get their tires checked every six months. They say the nasty road conditions can leave a big dent in your wallet and recommend people not wait until something happens to come in and get things checked out. A simple alignment can cost around $70. However, a ball and joint or suspension components can run anywhere between $300-$400.

“On the average minimum can be around $500 in most cases, so it’s significant amount of money these damages can cost,” said Lyman Johnson with Anderson Tire and Auto.

According to the report, Utahns in the Salt Lake Metro area spend on average close to $640 on maintenance to their vehicles, the report cites, because of nasty roads.

However, according to the Utah Department of Transportation, they’ve put in a lot of work into improving the roads over the past five years, they also have several pavement and preservation and reconstruction programs in the works and say the reality of the roads is not consistent with the data of the report.

“The reality is we have some of the best roadways in America, our roads and bridges are the envy of many DOT’s across the county, and that’s due in part to the investment our state leaders have made,” said UDOT Spokesperson John Gleason.

UDOT also cites recent achievements, like the I-15 CORE project, among the improvements to the roads to make commuting in Utah much more efficient. They’re also working on several other projects and expansions, like the Provo Westside Connector, a new roadway from I-15 to Provo Airport which is currently under construction led by the city.

The pavement preservations and reconstruction projects near Spanish Fork, Santaquin, State Street, and Provo Canyon have also helped maintain the quality of Utah’s roadways..

UDOT also allows people to report any potholes or problems on their roads through their website or theirmobile app. Once UDOT receives a notice about a complaint on a road, they will reach out to you within 24 hours and evaluate and fix the problem.


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