Weber County firefighter who came to rescue of deputy speaks out about attack

WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A Weber County Sheriff’s Deputy is attacked and it’s all caught on dash cam video. Several good samaritans stop to help, one was a firefighter who had just gotten off duty. Tonight, we heard from him about this attack.

“I didn’t think about anything but helping him out,” said Weber County Firefighter, Jake McMichael.

It was just instinct for McMichael. On getting off work Wednesday, he came across what appeared to him was a normal traffic stop.

“I passed the sheriff’s truck and was able to see in front of his truck, I saw a sheriff’s officer who was down on the ground, on his back with another individual on top of him with his hands around his neck,” he said.

It was all caught on dashcam video. In the video you can see the deputy pull over 23-year-old Everett Gerdes because he was riding in the middle of Washington Boulevard in Ogden. Utah law requires pedestrians to be on the shoulder. As the two are seen talking, Gerdes attempts to flee on his board and as the deputy reaches out to grab him, Gerdes swings and then attacks the deputy. Moments later a few good samaritans arrive, including McMichael to help the deputy. After a brief struggle they are able to free Gerdes’ grip from the deputy giving him time to call for back up. A short while later, several officers arrive and place Gerdes under arrest.

McMichael still has a hard time believing someone would attack an officer.

“I was actually pretty infuriated, cause I…it was hard for me to imagine that somebody would do this to an officer, you know? So, I was really infuriated when I first jumped out and I’m sure the adrenaline just kicked in.”

The deputy escaped the attack with a few minor scrapes and bruises. Afterwards, the deputy thanked McMichael for his help. But, McMichael says had the roles been reversed he’s sure he would have done the same for him.

“We work side by side with Weber County Sheriff’s Department a lot up here. We do training together and stuff. We work together on scene, those guys are always helping us out, so we are glad to help them out any chance we can get,” he said.


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