UHP trooper in serious condition after being hit; Col. pleads with public to be vigilant


StorySALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Initial reports stated trooper Schiers had sustained only a few broken bones following a horrible crash on Monday. He was assisting in a car crash when another vehicle hydroplaned and smashed into the vehicle and Trooper Schiers.

It was all caught on dash cam, Trooper David Schiers was helping a motorist who had crashed their vehicle after hydroplaning during Mondays rain storm when another vehicle hydroplaned and slammed right into the car and Trooper Schiers. While initial reports stated he had suffered only a few broken bones, today we learn the extent of his injuries are much worse.

“Right now his current condition is he’s got fractures to his right leg, broken ribs, broken back, left hand is in a sling,” said Utah Highway Patrol Colonel Danny Fuhr.

His long road to recovery begins at Intermountain Medical Center with his wife Judy and 5 kids at his side he can’t speak and only communicates by squeezing someones hand. He has a chest tube in place and has developed a fever, raising concerns of a possible infection.

“It’s troubling when we have to respond to the hospital and you walk in and you see one of your troopers lying on their back with a tube sticking out of their throat. It breaks our hearts actually, every single one of us who wear this brown shirt because we love our brothers and sisters who wear this uniform more than you know, it’s a family,” stated Fuhr.

On average, 21 troopers are hit every year, most occur during inclement weather conditions, and even under such conditions commuters continue to ignore the warnings.

“It’s a preventable crash, I’ve been before the media hundreds of times it seems like begging and pleading for folks to slow down and move over when approaching an emergency vehicle,” said Fuhr.

A left sided approach is highly stressed to officers when responding to emergencies, but they can only do so much to protect themselves the other half of the responsibility falls on us.

“Our biggest thing is we have to have the public’s support in this, we have to have the help from the public to please slow down and give us the room that we need because we have no choice, there’s a crash on the interstate we have to make traffic stops, we have to respond to help people out in need,” pleaded Fuhr.

Trooper Schiers is expected to remain in the hospital for another 2 weeks.  It is unknown how long of a recovery time he will need but, it will be an extensive recovery.


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