Too much buzz-ing in one Farmington neighborhood as bees are raising concerns

FARMINGTON, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – You wouldn’t BEE-lieve all the buzz going on in one Farmington neighborhood, the concern – the abundance of bees.  The hive of activity is at just one house in the neighborhood.

Jennifer Darby and her neighbors are not happy about their new neighbors.

Pointing to the trees in the yards she said, “last Friday night we’ve had beehives in this tree and this tree.”

The buzzing is almost un-BEE-lievable as ABC 4 watched a video from a neighbor showing just how loud the bees were.  Which is raising concerns for many neighbors living in the area.

“Each time she gets stung she swells up worse than the last time,” said Neighbor Deby Thelin.

Deby and her daughter live next door to the ‘Bee House,’ – her daughter is allergic.

“This has caused lots of concerns and we’re very concerned for our safety,” said Barker.

The homeowner did not want to speak on camera, but she said the bees belong to her son and his friend.  Neighbors believe the man isn’t licensed, but after doing a search on the Utah Agriculture website, I found out that he was.

I also reached out to the owner of the bees, and owner of Woody’s Natural Honey who confirmed his status.

“To be licensed in the state of Utah you have to have, they give you a number you put it on your beehive and mine are sprayed with that number 17406 UT and that’s the agriculture.  And then I have a cottage license for spinning my honey out,” said “Woody” Wouden.

Neighbors say they don’t want the bees gone, they just want fewer of them around.  They’re now reaching out to authorities for help.

“We called the city, they said you need to talk to so-and-so and left messages but no one ever called,” said Barker.

We talked to the city, it says these neighbors must make a written complaint in order for them to visit the issue.  And after looking at the regulations, it appears this neighbor is following the rules.

City Planner, Dave Petersen, also said they haven’t visited the rules and regulations since before 1994 and it may be necessary to revisit them again.

Currently the general provisions for within the City of Farmington fall into 4 categories:
Class A (Small Animals): Animals kept as pets or for family food production, or recreational purposes such as dogs, cats, rabbits, fowl, etc.
Class B (Large Animals): Animals kept as pets or for family food production or recreational purposes; such as horses, cows, goats, sheep, etc.
Class C (Commercial Animals): Any and all animals of every size, type or kind kept or maintained for commercial purposes.
Class D (Dangerous Animals): Animals that are inherently or potentially dangerous may be kept or maintained only by conditional use permit.


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