Major clean-up in Weber County after heavy rainfall

WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A massive clean up effort in Weber County as residents are left with the devastation left behind by flooding due to a canal spilling over into theirhomes.

It was a much drier scene this evening than what Greg Stowe and his family witnessed earlier today.

“My boy woke up about 2:30 in the morning saying there was water in the basement, so I ran downstairs and sure enough the whole basement was engulfed in water,” said Weber County resident Greg Stowe.

The weekend storm proved to be too much for the canal just feet away from Greg’s house as the water spilled over its banks.

“I came out and ran out the garage door and this all was under 15-18 inches of water,” he said.

The area around his house had been completely overwhelmed and under several inches or water. Greg said the water was so high it came up to his knees, and caused major damage to the basement of his house – where three of his four children sleep – and raised concerns about the clean-up.

“…Nothing my insurance can do because we don’t have flood insurance, which I really wasn’t expecting to have insurance out here,” said Stowe.

Since the early morning Greg has been pumping the water from his property. Neighbors came over in the early hours of the day and helped buckets gallons of water from his home.

County officials also came by and provided him with several sandbags to barricade his home from further damage.

And many northern Utahns are in the same situation as Greg, as several are dealing with the aftermath from the heavy rain.

“Our fire crews were just running all over the place just trying to deal with properties that were flooding,” said Fire Marshal, with the Weber Fire District.

Firefighters answered several calls from residents last night about flooding in their basements, garages and fields.

The canal at Greg’s house shutdown 4000 N for hours, but should be open at this time. And as the water subsides, and the clean-up continues, Greg is so thankful to his neighbors who helped save his home.

“A lot of good people out here and I’m grateful for that,” said Stowe.


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