Loved ones celebrate the life of Maylee Anderson who passed away from injuries sustained in car accident on Memorial Day

HIGHLAND, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Friends and family of Maylee Anderson shared hugs and tears as they remember the life of a girl who touched so many lives.

“She loved life, she was bigger than life, and she was just an example to all of us – and I think with her dad reading those things from her journal – I think she had a good heart,” said Maylee’s grandmother, Joan Schiefelbine.

Maylee and her mother, Christine, were involved in a horrible car accident over Memorial Day. Both of them suffered terrible injuries requiring a visit to the hospital. However, both ended up going to separate hospitals.

An anonymous donor stepped in and paid to have Christine transported to the hospital Maylee was at so they could be together.

With tears running down her face, Joan was overwhelmed with happiness for the kindness the donor showed her family.

“We don’t know who they are but we want them to know how grateful we are that Christine was able to be with Maylee fro the last few days and hold her hand, and kiss her, and they were able to say their “goodbye’s” in the proper manner.”

Sadly, Maylee’s injuries were too severe and the family made the heartbreaking decision to take her off life support and donated her organs at her request.

“It makes me proud to be her dad, and it warms my heart – like I said when I was talking a while ago – that somebody else’s life is gonna be spared and can breathe air because of her,” said Maylee’s father Stuart Anderson.

Maylee’s family takes comfort in all the support they received from loved ones and strangers who were touched by Maylee’s story. Now, they look to keep her memory alive by doing what Maylee’s life was all about – helping others.

“We’re just gonna give service and hopefully dedicate our service to her memory and make her proud of us. Since her passing – and we’ve had a lot of time to reflect on her life – it’s just amazing how much I really learned from her as opposed to her learning from me,” said her father.


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