Human Rights Campaign calls World Congress of Families a hate group

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A showdown of sorts will take place between The Human Rights Campaign – one of the nation’s largest civil rights advocates,  and the World Congress of Families – one of the largest conservative Christian organizations. When both organizations will be in Salt Lake City at the same time.

It was a big victory for gay rights on Friday, after the Supreme Court in a 504 decision ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, making it legal throughout every state in The Union.  But, the momentum from that ruling hasn’t slowed down, as a showdown of sorts will take place in October when the Human Rights Campaign will take on the World Congress of Families.

“As the World Congress of Families brings thousands of folks from around the world that like to exclude individuals from their definition of family and leave damage in their wake, we’ll be hosting an Inclusive Families Conference here in Salt Lake City to talk about why all families matter,” said Human Rights Campaign Global Director, Ty Cobb.

The HRC is intentionally bringing their Inclusive Families Conference to Salt Lake City to counter the WCF’s ideals and their definition of a natural family.  But, also to cherish diversity and honor all families.

“The World Confer of Families coming to this state needs to be met with a counter point-of-view.  The counter point-of-view is that natural families are not narrow families.  They’re not narrowly defined that they come in all varieties,” added Kent Frogley, President of the Utah Pride Center Board of Directors.

Local leaders, advocates, and citizens praised the conference, as did Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker who in a statement said:

“We oppose the harmful and exclusionary actions and language of the World Congress of Families and their partners.  The Inclusive Families Conference is an opportunity to stand beside our LGBT mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers to commit our selves to the principle that all families deserve respect and love.”

Apart from local leaders, the HRC received support for the conference from pro-LGBT groups from around the world.  Representative from Russia and Uganda were on hand at today’s press conference to voice their support as they have seen the WCF and their allies influence anti-LGBT legislation in their own countries.

“Any kind of support the World Congress of Families is giving to any kind of religious – extreme religious leader.  These religious leaders are exporting this hatred in other countries like Russia, Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda, it has been very evident,” said Frank Mugisha, Executive Director of Sexual Minorities Uganda.


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