Hot temperatures meet festival goers on final day of Arts Festival

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Utahns were feeling the heat today. But the hot temperatures didn’t keep people from attending the final day of the Utah Arts Festival by the thousands.

Thousands made their way through the countless tents filled with paintings, ceramics and other one-of-a-kind art with umbrellas and hand held fans to beat the heat. Children splashed around at the library fountain to keep cool and folks did whatever they could to survive the hot summer sun.

“It’s awesome, it’s a little bit warm but we can deal with that. It’s good crowds, and fun people, and good tunes and all that,” said Brad Anderson from Bozeman Montana and owner of BVA Designs.

“The outcome has been heavy, it’s just too hot,” said George Labrecque with in Tribe America Leathers in Scottsdale, Arizona.

But, for the mot part the heat had no effect on art fans from enjoying the event.

“Usually I come on a Saturday so this is a lot of people for a Sunday, I think. So, I don’t think it changed anything,” said Ogden resident Emilee Scholl.

And there’s something for everyone here. From abstract art and paintings to incredible metal work.

“I think that’s the awesome thing about art, some of it is just, you see what you get and some of it is just different and completely abstract and that’s what makes art so awesome, said Holladay resident Natalie Morris.

And you can’t forget the music on several stages at the festival feeding fun vibes into the atmosphere.

Now in it’s 39th year the festival continues to grow and attract even more people and vendors to Salt Lake City, making it one of the most anticipated events for artists.

“Salt Lake is so supportive of the arts. It’s totally worth us to come all that driving distance. We have a great following here, it’s our third year in a row doing the art fests and it’s just a great time,” said Chicago resident Chris Jackson and owner of Jackson Young Gallery.

For these artists the festival represents more than just showing off their art. As they spend countless hours behind the scenes, they look forward to the community aspect the festival has to offer.

“THere’s something unique about art festivals where you actually get to meet the artist for people coming to the show and to have that interaction as opposed to a gallery where you never really get to meet the artist and hear the real stories behind what we were thinking,” added Jackson.


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