Homeowner in Pleasant Grove shoots and kills intruder


PLEASANT GROVE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Early Sunday morning police were called to a home in Pleasant Grove about a possible break-in. The homeowner who had heard the intruder on his second story balcony was forced to discharge his gun when the intruder forced his way into the house.

“Our preliminary investigation indicates that Christian Chichia, a 24 year-old male had responded to the area about 1700 W 60 S,” said Lt. Britt Smith with the Peasant Grove Police Department.

Police say Chichia began to forcefully pound on the homeowner’s door around 5:42a.m., which startled the family inside. When no one answered, he climbed onto the second story balcony.

The homeowner was then notified by his wife that someone was trying to get into the house through the balcony door.

The homeowner – who was armed with a gun – made his way to the door.

He went to the door, he unlocked the door and was intending on opening the door just a small crack so he could engage in conversation with the individual and find out why he was there and find out what he was doing,” said Smith.

Police say Chiciha then forced his way into the house. The homeowner was able to fire off one shot, which struck Chichia in the chest.

“Chichia was transported to the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center lifesaving measures were taken but ultimately he died of his injuries today,” said Smith.

Pleasant Grove Police say Chichia lived very close to where the crime occurred but say the two did not know each other.

“Based on witness reports we suspect alcohol was a factor, certainly we’re going to wait for toxicology to come back,” said Smith.


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