‘Get on the River’ Festival brings many out to enjoy the Jordan River


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – The weather couldn’t have been any more perfect today as hundreds of people headed out to celebrate the “Get Into The River” Festival.

Pump, pump, pump it up!

It starting to feel a lot more like summer as more people moved out of their homes and headed out towards the Jordan River.

“This portion of the river is a beautiful portion that a lot of folks don’t know about so, we try to get people out so they can enjoy it,” said

Folks formed long lines -canoe’s and paddles ready – to take part in the festival.

“There are lots of activities going on today, lots of clean-up activities have happened this week including a clean-up activity here in this section of the river,” said Assistant City Manager Ken Leetham.

The festival is a joint effort by North Salt Lake City and Davis County to raise awareness of the activities, wildlife, and plants along the Jordan River. Canoe rides were just one of the many events that took place along the river today.

But people weren’t the only people out enjoying the fun.

Millrace Park went straight to the dogs as families headed out with their furry friends in tow. At the park they were able to run, jump and weave through an obstacle course. While others hoped to find a good home.

“Just got this dog two months ago, just wanted to to show this dog to interact and have fun, interact with other dogs, brought my family with me too,” said Johnny Barco.

Now in its third year, the festival continues to grow more and more, with several nonprofit organizations, municipalities and government agencies, coming together to highlight the important of the river to the community.

“The Jordan River Commission is always working on cleaning up obnoxious vegetation that grows along the river and planting native plant materials along the river, so a lot of attention is being placed on the ecology of the river,” said Leetham


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