Bishop and family who died in plane crash remembered by church members

PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A quiet scene at the Openshaw home today, the only activity at the house was that of flags blowing in the wind. Flowers and stuffed animals in front of the family’s home, placed there by members of the community. A memorial, set up for a family who lost four loved ones in a plane crash on Friday.

“We have pretty strong feelings for them, just like ourselves, everybody is gonna miss the Openshaw’s,” said Steve Thompson.

As members of the 8th ward filed into church, a big void which could never be filled, gave service today even more significance for a family that meant so much to their congregation. The Openshaw’s were heavily involved with the church, as Mark Openshaw was the bishop of the ward.

“We know that they’re a strong family and they taught their children well and they know that they will be together forever,” said Debbie Thompson.

Friday morning, Mark Openshaw, his wife Amy and three of their children, Max, Ellie and Tanner were returninghome to Utah after visiting family in a rural Texas County community. Mark, an experienced pilot, was taking off a grass air strip on the family’s property when it crashed.
The only survivor of the accident – five-year-old, Max.

“Ellie was in my class and she had an opportunity two weeks ago to take over and teach the class which she did and she did a wonderful job and she was just a wonderful girl,” added Thompson.

Now, the community is promising to do everything they can to help the three surviving brothers, who mourn the loss of their parents and siblings.

“We will do anything we can to help them out, we love them so very much,” said Debbie.

There is still no word on the cause for the accident. We were told by our sister stations in Springville, MO, (KLOR, KSPR) that Max’s condition has improved.


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