Ancient Native American ruins discovered at construction site

(ABC 4 Utah) – What began as a dig for the placement of a gas line soon turned into an archaeological dig for ancient Native American artifacts.

With shakers boxes and trowels in hand, archaeologists took to this site where an incredible ancient discovery was unearthed. Because of concerns for it’s safety and preservation, the location of the site is being withheld.

The discovery was made by construction crews digging for a gas line. When discovered, archaeologists descended here to preserve the site.

Archaeologists have uprooted several artifacts including animal bones, arrowheads, and stone tools possibly dating back 500 to 1,500 years ago, which were all bagged for preservation andstudy.

This was once the site of a pit house a residential area for Native Americans that was dug partially into the ground.
Archaeologists have unearthed the bottom of one of the pit houses.

While they were short on details at this time the find sheds more light on history of Salt Lake Valley.

The unveiling of this site will take place tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM. Good 4 Utah will be there and will bring you that story at that time.


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