Utah organizations are mobilizing to help the people of Nepal


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Dozens of people gathered at the University of Utah all part of a plan by the Nepalese Association of Utah to help get aid to the people in Nepal. Also, a local organization already has a team in Nepal prepared to help out.

“Right now Nepal needs help, we really need help, it’s been a great loss there,” said Raju Subedi director of the Nepalese Association of Utah.

Raju Subedi feared the worst when he couldn’t reach his parents in Nepal.

“All night I could not sleep, I was able to contact them in the morning around 6-6:30 and briefly maybe like 30 seconds I heard my parents voice and I was really relieved,” he said.

So today the Nepalese Association of Utah gathered to help come up with a plan to provide aid to the region.

“So far we have created an account to collect the funds, right now we are approaching other communities, other associations, and all our members to help us out,” said Subedi.

Meanwhile, Utah based CHOICE humanitarian has a team of 25 people in the region who have now turned their mission to provide relief.

“The most important thing is to understand what do they need? Yesterday they needed blankets, it’s important to be in communication with the in-country staff to know what is happening, and it’s changing, every hour it’s changing,” said Leah Barker, Chief Executive of CHOICE Humanitarian.

Currently, the organization is communicating closely with their on-site teams including Lamjung, the epicenter of the earthquake and monitoring the situation.

“We know that they have enough resources to take care of themselves for a least the next two days, but those roads need to be cleared up so relief can come in,” said Barker.

While time is short, these organizations are moving fast, setting up accounts on their websites for donations and seeking items that could be useful to the people of Nepal.

If you’d like to help you can log onto choicehumanitarian.org or utahnepal.org. There you can find more informationabout relief efforts and links to donate.


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