The lieutenant of the Utah Highway Patrol’s DUI task force – a unit already unit scrutiny – is on leave pending investigation.

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – The Utah Highway Patrol has placed the lieutenant in charge of heading their DUI task force – a unit already under scrutiny in the past – on administrative leave after a complaint was filed against him.

“We had an allegation come into Utah Highway Patrol and just to make sure we don’t have a conflict of interest or biases, the investigation was handed over to Ogden Police,” said Sgt. Todd Royce with the Utah Highway Patrol.

This complaint is separate from the internal audit of the DUI squad conducted back in January, 2015, which led to the restructuring of the DUI task force.

This recent complaint filed three weeks ago came within Ogden City limits. But, UHP wouldn’t say whether it had occurred while Lt. Horne was on duty.

“I can’t go into any specifics but what I can let you know, it was not related to any DUI arrest or DUI procedures. It was something separate from that,” said Sgt. Royce.

We reached out to Ogden Police who released the following statement regarding the investigation:

“The Ogden Police Departments Investigations Bureau is conducting an investigation at the request of the Utah Highway patrol. The investigation is active and on-going. No details of the investigation will be released prior to its conclusion.”

We also reached out to his attorney, Greg Skordas, who is still looking into the matter, but could not comment any further on the investigation.

While Lt. Horne remains on paid administrative leave, the operations of the DUI task force have changed slightly with his absence.

“Right now the DUI squad is answering to a few other people to be re-assigned or restructure the DUI squad but, it’s still a full functioning DUI squad,” said Royce.

It’s still very early in the investigation and no charges if any have been filed against the lieutenant.


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