At a time when boats would be going into Great Salt Lake, they’re being removed one-by-one

THE GREAT SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – It’s almost boat season in Utah, but for some water lovers, the warm weather is causing more heartache than happiness. Cranes are pulling more than 80 boats out of The Great Salt Lake because there’s just not enough water.

Breaking Wind, Crimson Rose, and Drew Doll’s Solstice are among the 80 boats at the marina that wont be calling The Great Salt Lake their home this summer.

“I’m pulling my boat from the lake because our marina is too shallow for us to access The Great Salt Lake. If we don’t get out today or in the next month or two, we’ll be stuck in the harbor,” said sailor Drew Doll who has been sailing here for two years.

Which has left many of the sailors at the marina feeling very salty.

“They are disappointed, they love sailing and love to continue but they understand that if we don’t dredge this marina, next year they probably wont be able to sail either,” said Sgt. Tony Santora with the Utah State Parks.

And the early removal of the boats is due to concerns with the water levels at the lake.

“I haven’t been able to take it out, it’s been too low and we were hitting bottom last season. Having to tilt the boat over as we were heading up the marina channel,” said sailor Jeff Johnson who has been sailing at the Great Salt Lake since the 1970’s.

Most years, sailboats are usually going into the marina at this time.

“If we had a better snow pack, these boats probably could have stayed in the water until we were ready to dredge but, since we really didn’t have a snow pack and no water, we gotta get them out earlier this year,” said Sgt. Santora.

The legislature set aside 1.5 million dollars during the past session to dredge the marina, which will begin theprocess in July and hopefully have it all done by the fall. In the meantime, sailors will place their boats in storage and wait for the dredging to finish so they can let their sails catch wind once again.


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