Logan woman’s guide dog hears crying, leads her to little girl.


LOGAN, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A guide dog named Butch is quite the hero. Butch belongs to Tina Haskins of Logan, Utah. Tina is blind and requires the assistance of Butch to get around. On Wednesday, they were outside playing in the snow storm when Butch heard a little girl crying, and that’s when his training leaped into action.

Tina Haskin’s and her dog Butch had gone outside around 2:00PM on Wednesday. Tina says her dog Butch loves to play in the snow and wanted to give him the chance to run around in it.

“Butch, he kinda got still and rigid,” said Haskin.

And that’s when Butch heard a little girl crying.

“His head kinda faced towards the house and his ears kinda perked up like he was listening really hard. And so he nudged me, he nudged my side and he thought something was going on,” she said.

Tina made her way to the home to see what was wrong and hopped over the fence to check on the little girl.

Kristin Heal, her 2 year-old daughter and her younger son had been outside playing in the snow from Wednesday’s storm.

“We were outside playing and he [son] kept taking his gloves off, so I took him in and told my daughter Eliza that she could keep playing outside,” said Heal.

Heal’s daughter was actually throwing a tantrum when she didn’t want to go back inside and Heal allowed her daughter to play outside in the snow for a little while longer, it was this tantrum that Butch had heard, and his training directed him towards the tension he had sensed in the air.

Butch guided Tina towards the backyard and she climbed over the fence to see why the little girl was crying. She then picked her up and took her to the door.

The girl’s father said that the little girl was in no danger and she was just throwing a tantrum because she didn’t want to go inside the house. He also said she was only outside for a short while and that she is very capable of opening the door to get inside the house.

However, Butch assumed the crying was due to distress and prompted his owner to the home.

“He’s such a miraculous dog. He’s so aware of the neighborhood and aware of other people, i don’t think i could do half the things i do without, Butch.”

And even though the little girl was in no danger or distress, mom appreciated that Tina and her guide dog were concerned and thanked her for her efforts with cookies.


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