Major clean up all over the state following violent wind storm

Tuesday’s wind storm brought lots of destruction with it. Winds were so strong they reached as much as 80 miles per hour, blowing roofs off of buildings, snapping trees in half, and causing a massive vehicle pileup on Interstate 80 which killed 65-year-old Layton resident Robert John Eggli, and sent 18 others to the hospital.

The crash closed that section of the freeway for hours.

Twelve of the victims were transported to Mountain West Medical Center where they were treated for minor injuries.

“Stitches bruises some cuts and some trauma as far as emotional and making sure they were OK – lacerations – most of them were treated and discharged within a couple of hours,” said Becky Trigg, Marketing Director at Mountain West Medical Center.

It also took a toll on a West Valley City neighborhood knocking a tree onto a neighbor’s house and sparking a fire at a nearby power line.

“I came outside seeing what the commotion was about, saw that the pole was smoldering you could see a fire had just started barely going down,” said West Valley City resident Cameron.

Leaving many on the block without power and wondering when it would be back up and running again.

“I noticed it this morning and it’s been like that as far as i know all day,” said West Valley City resident Eric Goodsir.

And Wednesday’s snow storm is making it even harder for crews to get things back on track.

According to Rocky Mountain Power’s website about 4,500 residents are still without power, most of those affected are in the Salt Lake Metro area. That is a huge improvement from 6,000 residents which they reported had no power as of noon, and 5,000 residents since 3 p.m.


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