Family turns to social media to help find men who burglarized their home

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – They were in and out of the Sugar House home within minutes. Two burglars were caught on camera breaking into Jacob and Jeni Shirley’s home and made off with valuable jewelry and electronics.

“I came home and I just noticed that things were a little off so I explored the house a little more, and as soon as it hit me i kinda realized i needed to be careful ’cause they might still be there,” said Jeni.

It happened in broad daylight around 2:30 Thursday afternoon. Two men in their late teens or early twenties can be seen in the security video backing their Nissan Altima into the carport. The passenger quickly climbs out, followed by the driver. Within minutes they return to their car, hands full, and drive off.

“I feel a little bit insecure now, like i’m just watching the neighborhood now and just thinking who’s there?” said Jeni.

Now the family is turning to the power of social media to help catch these bandits.

“As soon we got broken into I was happy that I had the footage, it was nice to see who did it. I kinda posted it online just as a trophy to kinda say “ah, we caught these guys!” said Jacob.

Since Jacob posted the video to his Facebook page it has been viewed over 26,000 times and shared over 600 times.

“It just started getting shared, and shared, and shared and it seemed like every hour it just kept going viral,” he said.

The neighborhood has become a hot spot for crime, and the Shirley’s believe the burglars had been casing their home for sometime. So, when neighbors began buying security cameras, the Shirley’s did the same thing.

“With the technology we have these days it’s amazing how many footprints they left,” said Jacob

A trail the Shirley’s hope will lead to their capture.

Anyone with information is asked to call Salt Lake City Police.


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