Woman pepper sprays cab driver on freeway, runs onto oncoming traffic with 4 year-old daughter


(ABC 4 Utah) – A strange scene played out this morning around 11:30. A woman was riding in a cab with her 4 year-old daughter and proceeded to pull out her pepper spray. What she did next with it could have seriously injured a lot of people.

“a 31 year old woman with her 4 year old child were inside of cab and as the approached n. salt lake area for some reason she pulled out some pepper spray and sprayed the cab driver,” said Sgt. Rick Shrader with the Utah Highway Patrol.

Apparently, the woman had made comments to the cap driver about her ex-husband before she pulled out the pepper spray but there was no indication that he had said or done anything to provoke the assault. After being sprayed the cab driver was able to pull off to the side of the freeway.

At that point the woman climbed out of the cab with her daughter and proceeded into incoming traffic.

“She ran into the flow of traffic and again luckily all traffic came to a stop and they were able to get her off the street,” said Shrader.

UHP says when they arrived the woman appeared confused and not herself.

“She had made comments that were not related to the incident, she felt like she was being chased by her ex-husband,” said Shrader.

The woman was transported to the hospital for evaluation. Her 4 year-old daughter was taken to a safe location. As for the cab driver, he was checked out by medical personnel at the scene but, refused to go to the hospital and continued on his way.


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