Man finds bag full of thousands of dollars in cash on highway

StorySALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A Salt Lake City resident thought he was just pulling a bag of debris off the road when he pulled off to the side at Wright Brother’s Drive, instead, he was surprised to find out that the bag was actually full of thousands of dollars in cash.

It played out like a scene from a movie for Kennedy.

“I was just driving to work, like I always do, and on the off ramp there to work the car in front of me darts right, and then I look up and there’s this door on this Brink’s truck flapping open, and there’s this orange garbage bag sliding down the road,” said Kennedy.

Instinctively, Kennedy leaped into action and pulled over to drag the bag off the road.

“I kinda jumped out there to try and grab it and yank it out of the way so nobody would hit it and I couldn’t move it so, I had to get two hands on it and drag it off the road,” Kennedy said.

Once he was able to drag the bag off the road he noticed the bag was slightly ripped. He didn’t find debris, instead he found thousands of dollars in cash. So, he picked up the bag, placed it in his trunk and drove after the Brink’s truck that had dropped it. When he couldn’t find the truck he pulled in to work and immediately called the police. He says highway patrol was shocked when they pulled up to the scene and looked in his trunk.

“My first reaction was, no way!” said highway patrol trooper Brady Zaugg, who was one the first on the scene.

Kennedy says he still can’t believe a scene like that actually played out in real life.

“Have you not been behind one of those armored cars and secretly made the wish that a big bag of money would fall out and you could get it?” said Kennedy.

The men in the armored car told highway patrol they had hit a bump in the road that caused the door to fly open, but they did not realize that a bag had actually fallen out.

“He could’ve just thrown it in the back of his truck and driven away, and no one would have been the wiser because the people in the truck didn’t know. But, he did the right thing for the right reason,” said Zaugg.

Once the company managers were made aware of what had happened they immediately came out and were able to account for all the money. Since then, Kennedy says the company has reached out to him and offered him a reward for his good deed.


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