Utah Jazz pay tribute to legendary broadcaster Hot Rod Hundley who passed away yesterday.


hot-rod-ripSALT LAKE CITY, Utah – (ABC 4 Utah) – Legendary broadcaster, “Hot Rod” Hundley passed away at his Phoenix home on Friday.  Today, the Utah Jazz held a moment of silence to honor his legacy.

The former voice of the Utah Jazz passed away with family by his side, he was 80-years-old.

Fans of the beloved broadcaster say his loss will be felt by everyone.

“It’s like a heartbreak for the state of Utah,” said Jared Love, “he was just known as the voice of the Utah Jazz for so long!”

A moment of silence before tonight’s Jazz home game against Oklahoma City was held to pay tribute to “Hot Rod.”

Ron Boone, worked alongside “Hot Rod” for 16 years broadcasting Utah basketball games and says Hundley was a special friend to him who you could never forget.

“He sold the team through his broadcast.  He made the team – the games exciting and brought his style in the way he broadcast the game,” said Boone, Radio and TV Analyst for the Utah Jazz.

jazz-black-stripeTo further honor his legacy, the Jazz will wear a black stripe on their jersey for the remainder of the season.

Fans at the game say, when you think of the Utah Jazz you will always think of “Hot Rod.”

“I think he brought a name to the Jazz, a lot of people knew his voice and so to have him gone, I think a lot of the fans came for Hot Rod,” said Ashley Rodham, who has been a Utah Jazz fan all her life.

Fans say “Hot Rod,” was a one of a kind personality, who’s voice energized, excited and moved anyone who listened to him.

“He was one of those guys that can’t be replaced.  He’s been a part of Utah for so long and nothing can replace him, nobody! His voice, his sound, his enthusiasm, everything about him,” said Jared Love.


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